Our Products

The Audio Oral History

"We had a limited budget, so we asked Ellie to do a voice recording of my parents' life stories. She interviewed each of them separately, about their family history and then together, talking about how they met and their 50 years of marriage. Now that they're both gone, it's so wonderful to be able to listen to the tapes and hear their voices. I'm so glad we did this while we could."

The Written Family History

"My wife surprised me by having my parents interviewed, and then Ellie made a book from the interviews. The book has photos of them throughout their life, and also the only pictures of their parents in Poland, before World War II. My wife gave me the book on my birthday, and I sat up all night reading it, and crying-there was so much I hadn't known about their experiences in concentration camps during the Holocaust. This is such a treasure for me, and for our children."

The Video Oral History

"We wanted my grandparents videotaped while they were still capable of recalling the details of their lives.Ellie and a cameraman came to their home and the 4 hour interview was videotaped in its entirety. It's great because it shows how they interacted with each other-even how my grandmother looked embarrassed when my grandfather told his same old jokes. Someday we might want it edited, but right now, we're just glad that we have them telling all these wonderful stories on the DVD that we can watch anytime. This is a real family treasure."


The Video Documentary

"We wanted a video about my father's life that would capture the essence of his life, with photos of him and his favorite music. We still have the original uncut interviews on video, but now we also have what is really a documentary film about Dad's life. It's really beautifully produced and edited, and it's a perfect length for watching anytime."

The Life Story Illustration

Ben Evans' life storiesSpepng

"We wanted one of my father’s most iconic wartime stories illustrated, adding a visual representation to his spoken memory.  Ben Evans'  emotive drawings brought tears to our eyes and a feeling of deepest gratitude to our hearts. We cannot begin to tell you what a joy it was to see this illustration.  It also makes the story that much more accessible to younger family members."

The Video Tribute

"For my parents' 50th wedding anniversary we wanted a short video to show at the dinner. Ellie interviewed my parents about their relationship and then also interviewed my sister and me, and some of Mom and Dad's close friends and she edited it into this really touching and funny video that had us all in tears at the party. Everyone involved had fun being interviewed, and had a chance to rave about my parents.

The Organizational History

"Our founders were getting old and we wanted to make sure that their stories were recorded; otherwise no one would know what it took to get this company started. Ellie interviewed about six people, then edited the interviews. We gathered documents and photos from our early years and those are incorporated into the book. It's also great to show new employees, so they can see what we're about."